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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Two`s a pair repost


A pair ?

Someone explain to me please.

I`ve always been confused why boxers or briefs are known as a pair of pants/Briefs or a pair of boxers.
They have three holes -one for the waist and two for the legs so thats three not two so cant be a pair.
Surely a pair means two??

Now theres a pair.
Anyone explain the term a pair?
Someone put me out of my mysery and explain.
Just a "brief "explanation will do.

...and theres more

I had to go back to the store for more.
I got homeafter my first purchase of cheapos and wished i had bought the ones below.
They played on my mind so i had to go and spend the few euros,dollars,pounds to get them.
Damn i wish i could just wear them outside on there own they look so good.
I guess thats why i have this blog so i can share what i love.

yum yum

cheap can be a bonus

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