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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Lets go shopping
Love this online shop.Always so many great pairs to choose from.
Check it out and grab a bargain as they always have great discounts and offers.

Eye Candy

Pics from the web that  caught my eye this week. Pure candy for the eyes and mind.


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Some great promo vids from Aussiebum..Their vids are as hot as their gear...Luv it!!!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The futures bright

Putting some sun in my jeans.
Its Autumn here now in the uk  and the clocks have moved back making it less light with the shorter daylight hours so its time to bring a bit of sun into the darker days so i will be wearing these to brighten up my life.
These are N2N briefs which are like microfibre feeling soft to the touch and stretch with every bulge.
Just how I like them.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Bag a pair (or two)

Underwearset...For sale

I`m going to sell off loads and loads of my many pairs of gear to raise funds for future plans.
It`s an on going thing so keep an eye out for the start and continual additions.
As much as ive become attached to ALL my gear its something I must do so help me and you by buying some great underwear.
I`m NOT going to ask lots of money in factthey are going cheap, ive given a guide price.
Obviously you may not be living next door to me so postage will have to be paid and discussed.

Every pair will be in great condition and clean (?)  i`ve always looked after every pair i own.

Bag a pair (or two) be happy and put your kit where mine has been.

check them out here


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Dying to show them off

Someone told me about doing this with t shirts and got me thinking about bringing some colour to some of the plain average underwear I have so here is my first attempt .
Tie dyeing some worn out washed out whities is a great way of extending and to liven up what may be left at the bottom of the undies drawer.
 I used to wear these Levis boxers all the time to the gym but it got to the stage they ended up looking grey when washed too many times so stopped wearing them but couldnt throw them away.

NOW i cant wait to strip down to these when doing a work out at my local gym.

Keep an eye out as im going to try and improve this  method and refresh some more worn out whites.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Friday, 12 September 2014

Thought of the day

I Wonder

PIC of the WEEK

                                             Image from the net.If this pic belongs to you and you want it removed or maybe want more pics posted please contact.

Just to the point

Just thought id share this pic with some background info as to the hard on inside these Olaf Benz.
Ive been chilling at home and logged onto a webcam site to watch guys doing what guys do best and one guy in particular caught my eye and as a result the briefs i was wearing at the time stretched a little.

...and heres another

Here is another pair of the same brand...I think im liking this make MOSKOVA.
Time to research the brand ... anyone know of them?

Its all gone black and white

As usual i`ve been busy buying new gear
and these are just one of the many new pairs.
These feel great..if i can try to explain the feel in a few words id say they feel like swimming  lycra very stretchy and hugging.They support everything that needs keeping in place.
The best thing is they were not expensive yet really top for quality.

I think im gonna have to keep these for very special occassions.....any suggestions?

Sunday, 6 July 2014

REAR of the WEEK

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BULGE Pic of the WEEK

                                                 Image from the net.If this pic belongs to you and you want it removed or maybe want more pics posted please contact.

Football Crazy

 Its been a month of football madness across the world so I thought Its time to get in the mood and wear some of my Footy related underwear.
Unfortunately my home country did NOT do well despite me wearing my lucky England boxers in support but they only supported my balls  ...... LOL.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Friday, 28 March 2014


Bulge pic of the week

Image from the net.If this pic belongs to you and you want it removed or maybe want more pics posted please contact.

Anyone for tennis

You cant beat a pair of trackies to show things off
Slazenger known for all things tennis have created something to keep your balls safe
If you cant see just pull them down

Thats it lower
Rear view

More balls please


Checkout the BLOG

The Blog Address

Listen up to an important announcement....I`ve a BLOG that needs viewing.
If you like to show off your bulge and havent appeared here then i`ve the perfect place

                             Guys Who Like To Show Off


The content is great, amateur guys in and out of underwear with regular posts and there`s fortnightly themed challenges that are set which is different each time.
Visit it and comment on the pics and go on submit your own (I have)


 LONSDALE (Check out the cum stains mmmm)

 GINCH GONCH:Two nice snug fitting pairs

Nice front pouch and just look at his hot bum

And finally more of my favourites LONSDALE Briefs.
Cheers for sharing with us "undieslover" we all look forward to seeing more of you here soon.

I suggest you contact Undieslover who im sure would love to receive any pairs you have going.
Im definitely letting him have some of mine.
So go on hit him up either on skype :undieslover2
email him  at: