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Friday, 23 June 2017

Razor sharp

What can I say, I discovered these on my travels to a well known male only adult store in London.
It was like when I was a kid in a sweet shop, so many to choose from but the bright colours always caught my eye just like these did.
                MARCO MARCO.
A new discovery of brand for me and one i`m definitely going to pursue.

The style of these is called
the razor brief.

Check out the web site of this brand and be WOWed too.

my other purchases that day will follow soon.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Whats that name?

Its amazing what the internet throws up when your searching the internet!!!
I was again visually stimulated when I came across all of these available on the net.
I just "had" to have them as I always do when i see some "they are my kinda" underwear.
 They are yet again brands i`ve never heard of before.
Made in China (as everything is) but real good quality as cheap as... prices.
Sizing is always different to what the western world are used to,basically they are always smaller...medium as i know it would be extra large in these brands.

Anyways I saw them so had to have them and i`m not disappointed , in fact  they are yet another great addition to my ever growing collection.
Will I ever stop buying???
Maybe not yet!