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Monday, 16 July 2018

Summers here( in my pants )

Summer is in full swing here atm and its hotter than hot and things couldnt look as bright in my new additions.
TOVOCOK!!!  i have no idea what that means or what brand it is, yet another new one to add to my many chinese new brands.
These I was lucky to find and they really get the party going in my jeans LOL.
Made from mesh, boxers with a vibrant floral print on ( now I sound a bit camp saying that).
I love them..what o you think??

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Introducing..Mister Slip part two

 Part two of Introducing  Mister Slip

He is a very sexy French guy who looks stunning in his underwear as Im sure you will agree.

Contact him

Mister brief


Thursday, 12 July 2018


This is the start of a new series of posts entitled "Introducing..." which is where i will be showcasing some guys who are into underwear and deserve to be highlighted and bought to your attention.
So let me start by introducing  Mister Slip.

I think you will agree he looks very VERY sexy in his briefs with that smooth slim body. 

He has kindly provided these exclusive pics which show of his amazing bulge and lovely bum.

Mister Slip is heavily into his underwear and is awarded the seal of approval by Speedster

 Now if you want to see more or even contact Mister Slip then head on over to his twitter page.

Mister brief


 I think there will be some updates here at underwear set of Mister Slip so keep an eye out.

Friday, 6 July 2018


 These are what I believe to be a French brand.
I bought these a few years ago while in France and at the time really liked the look of modern art printed on underwear I say modern art  it could also resemble graffiti..yeah thats it its graffiti.
There are hundreds of designs which are still being available to buy.
Definitely a brand to make a statement when wearing and the fabric is great against the skin.

Whats the answer?

 Ok here`s a question for you...What have the three different pairs shown here got in common.

...they are all briefs ? 
                                      All good answers but that`s not the common theme
...they are all white?
                                                                (answer below)

These three pairs all belonged to someone else before me that`s to say they belonged to three different guys.
I really like owning someone elses undies, knowing there junk,their bulge has been supported in them and the thought that maybe they had a rock hard on while checking out other guys  during their daily life.
As you can see from one of the pictures in particular they get me oozing and definitely HARD!!!

Thursday, 5 July 2018


My latest purchase from a regular supplier of all things sexy and brief.
They are another unknown chinese brand WOXUAN.
Very tight fitting and soft second skin feel.
I don`t usually wear very skimpy underwear BUT these do look and feel great on so maybe i`m converted.
I opted for these two colors because they are quite vibrant and eye catching.

They may be camouflage but there`s no hidding in these !!

Friday, 22 June 2018

I`ve joined the CLAN

I don`t own many Aussiebums which is a big suprise to me really seeing that i`m a total underwear freak.
Well these beauties I bought second hand from a guy for £7 yeah I know BARGAIN

...and a scent to enjoy before i slipped them on.

Great condition although slightly more stretched in the bum part  so not such a tight fit but hey I can live with a saggy ass LOL.

These are entitled "CLAN"

 Loving the color and design, these are perfect for me