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Friday, 15 June 2018

When the heat is on...wear these!!

Summer is here in the UK and these are perfect when the heat is on.
They are giving me everything I need, they are very  comfortable and supportive and keep me nice and cool.
Perfect for the gym too when getting all hot and sweaty with the added bonus of getting attention in the changing room 😃  ( I know i would be looking if I saw another guy wearing these hehe)

Not sure what the ring is for.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

My new HERO

Being a complete underwear freak and obsessive I wear many styles and designs.
Some I like to call FUNderwear because its not practical to wear as everyday undies but more for fun and intimate times with others.
On a daily basis and especially working days Its best to wear more practical and supportive underwear but with a good look..
So with that I needed to replace a few worn out pairs and have now become a Pink Hero wearer.

Cotton feel with support, easy access and an eye catching waistband if shown.
These should see me through a tough working day.

Friday, 25 May 2018

The perfect gift

Today I received a pair of small 2(x)ist cotton briefs.
Ok so that`s nothing to  really talk about is it?
NO...except they arent brand new they were pre-owned.
That`s the fun of having an underwear hobby and undies friends.
Now i`m not a fan of skanked up gear of yellow or brown but I do love the smell of man.
I will look after these and no doubt they will give me plenty of fun and enjoyment 😋.

Thanks to the sexy guy who passed them on to me.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Ohh and theres more

They keep on coming...another pack of inexpensive undies I couldnt resist buying.
Really bright and vibrant almost fluorescent  and bright.
These I really like despite being average boxer trunk style, the colours make the difference.
Another £7.00 pack which is well worth it to have that disco party going on down below.


So... I don`t always have to buy expensive or sexy looking underwear to enjoy the whole experience of wearing something I like.
Cheap multi pack briefs can also hit that spot of excitement for me as these really really inexpensive pack have. These don`t cost a packet!!!
They only cost me £7.00 and make for a functional day wear. I say functional but they do lack enough ball support sometimes when doing active things so a readjustment now and then is required.

The great bonus about these are they feel great against the skin, really soft and stretchy which as you probably know by now is a major plus in my options of any underwear.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Lifes a rainbow

Now here`s a thing, for a few years now i`ve been searching for some underwear that really and I mean really have been desperate to find and aquire.
They really got me excited BUT could NOT find them anywhere.
I managed to find a brand or name on them called "VERVE" but that didnt pull up any results on search engines.
To recent times I still found images of guys wearing these "Rainbow" colored underwear that looked like they are made from a knitted material.
I contacted some guys from around the world who were wearing them on Twitter but no replys.
Anyways I will stop going on and tell you I found long last. So I`m a happy boy.
They live up to my expectations and excitement.
Now life`s a rainbow for me under my jeans.
I managed to get four pairs  and here they are.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Something new for your collection

Add a pair of these to your collection if your a serious underwear fan.
I have a quantity of these (NEW) that i`m selling
Not only do they look great but feel fantastic on.
As you can see from me wearing a pair in the pics they are really great fitting briefs.
A cotton feel stretch with a single front panel to enhance your package but with  plenty of support.

I bought some a while back and love them so much and im sure you would too.
I have limited stocks of both grey and azure colours.
Fit waist size 32" to 34"
Price £8 a pair plus postage costs.
Contact me for more info or for purchase.

  LIMITED  OFFER to all my twitter and DN  fans -You lucky followers :£7.00 a pair  plus postal cost.

Adding color to my day

Now I just love these briefs.
Always seems like there`s a party going on under my jeans when I`m wearing them .

Not only do they look great BUT boy  they feel great too.
Skin hugging and stretchy that makes you just want to feel every outline of your package.