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Friday, 7 February 2014

Bulge Pic of the week

Bulge pic of the week
Image from the net.If this pic belongs to you and you want it removed or maybe want more pics posted please contact.

Bump And Grind

BulgingUndies  has kindly agreed to letting me post this vid of him doing what he loves and thats Humping in undies.

Look at his sweet bubblebutt as it trusts up and down on his bed in those hot AC`s (great choice btw Ron)


 A selection of hot bootys in underwear i`ve spotted on the web.

Nothing better than a nice firm bubble but wrapped in a great pair of underwear

If any of these pics are you and you either want to add more pics of you OR remove  then please contact me id gladly do either.

Canadian Hunk looks great in his trunks

This is Ron
Best known to any underwear fans across the web as BulgingUndies.

A hot Canadian hunk who definitely looks great in his trunks.

These pics are just a few from the vast collection Ron has.

Hes a HUGE underwear fan and tells me he loves all kinds from Briefs to Boxerbriefs.

From chatting to BulgingUndies I can definitely tell you hes a friendly good honest underwear fan

Definitely worth making a friend with

In his own words Ron says hes a sucker for hot guys in their underwear

Feel free to contact Ron AKA BulgingUndies at:

Keep an eye out here as i`m sure your gonna see more of him bulging  for us.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Baskit case