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Monday, 23 April 2018

A great BOX for your package

Now here`s a great BOX to keep your package in.
I`ve seen these on the net being worn by a variety of hunky models and stars and  thought hmmm they look good I must get a pair although i`m not going to look as good as they do BUT what the hell I like the look of the briefs so I ordered some.
Here`s the good news, you can buy them singular OR a box of three - no brainer 3 pairs it is.

They come in a choice of either black or white.

Admittedly they are not cheap at £14.00 a pair and a better bundle deal of £29.00 for three pairs but they do  other deals on occasions so worth looking.
I  compared them to a pair of Calvin Klein cotton basics and a pair of lonsdale briefs as they are similar in style and they definitely come tops against those in feel and quality. I`m still not convinced on the price though to be honest.

They could definitely be a brand of "must have" in every lads top drawer so why not get ahead and order yourself a pair or three. I dont think you would regret it.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Kiss & Show

Nice semi see-thru briefs with kisses all over them. They are lip smackingly good to wear.

Seeing STARS

 Now i`m just loving these.
i`ve seen loads of undies fans on the net wearing these and I just had to get myself a pair.
They have everything I like-Color,feel and a stretchy pouch area.