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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

What a Brave Person I am

My latest purchase is these Brave Person briefs.
A really nice fit and love the stripes.
I won`t have to be brave to be seen in these in fact i`m looking forward to it.

Touch the rainbow

Don`t you just love color to make that statement that underwear is cool.
You couldnt get more brighter than these 2(x)ist briefs.
I will be wearing these with pride.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

A real MAN !

 I recently purchased an amount of these MAN briefs. They are exactly like one of my favorite pairs BOX (pic two).
I will enjoy wearing and showing these off.
I feel like a real MAN.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Flowers have the power.

Well these little briefs are something else.
Apart from looking awesome with the floral designs they have to be one of the best materials ever used in underwear.
Micro thin and stretchy fabric that`s just like a thin layer of skin covering me.
Totally out of this world and I would recommend them to any undies fan.

Friday, 7 June 2019


Here is another new Introducing guy I am proud to bring to your attention.
This is Stirlingjock who is a Canadian boy who is into showing off.
Although is loves his underwear  he loves to be naked and show off to the world.
I`m sure when you explore his twitter page you will understand why. When you look as fit and hung as he does i`m sure you would too..
So here are a few pics he has kindly submitted.

So there you are thats Stirlingjock a sexy hung Canadian guy who you should get to know so visit him on Twitter and follow him.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Tight n White

So for many years there has been a saying Tighty Whities which had always made me wonder where the saying came from so I investigated it and found its origin came from the very first pair of pants in 1934 from an American clothing manufacturer which at the time was something of a revelation a pair of y-fronted briefs or Jockeys as they were known. .
In the late 1970s  and throughout the 80`s it was the norm to wear white y front briefs or starched white baggy shorts but then briefs/pants were the most popular choice of underwear for men.
Then through the 80`s color really hit the undies world and man became fashion conscious about their choice of wear but Y-fronts lost their appeal and the rest is history to coin a popular phrase.
In today's world Tighty Whities really sits well within the gay male lifestyle maybe thats because wearing white briefs is a statement and subject of eroticism who is to say?.
Personally I have many pairs of White underwear especially briefs and yes I find them erotic although I find most pairs of undies I own sensual and a turn on.
Be proud in whatever your choice and color of garment is but if they are white and they are tight(ish) then that`s a bonus.