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Monday, 25 May 2020

Introducing....Jacob Strokes

Well here we have someone that I`d like to introduce to you that is somewhat a celebrity in the world of live cams.

Jacob Strokes who can often be seen showing off in and mostly out of his underwear and its very understandable why when you see him live.

Jacob is a young Colombian guy with a great looking body and a big bulge.

But as this is an underwear blog and no nudity then you will have to discover his cam talents for yourself (link below)  but here you can see him in underwear with exclusive pics provided for Speedsters Blog.

I saw Jacob and was instantly fixed because he often wears one of my all time favorite underwear brands- Mundo Unico as well as Geordi and he looks amazing in them.

So here we have Jacob

 Now why not follow him on twitter here -

and check him out live here -


Sunday, 3 May 2020

....It`s all white

With the current dark times it would be great to have some brighter things to look forward to.
So for the month of May I want to get as many as possible to join in on  Wednesday Whities.
Join me and show your whities your wearing for the day.

It`s up to you, whether its boxer,briefs a jock or a thong. 
Basically whatever brightens your day.

As long as they are mostly white its all fine.

SO.. Lets make it Wednesday Whities for the month of May.

Are you IN ?

Saturday, 2 May 2020

Man of colors

As you probably know by now I am definitely a man of colors when it comes to my underwear, yes I like my whites and single colors but WOW when I see something of ultra stand out color then I just get so excited.

My previous post will probably confirm my love of multi colors/rainbow look.

These Cocksox really hit the spot for me, I don`t think there could be any so multi colored and vibrant (well I do have a few others like these).

 Even  the waistband with a great view above a pair of jeans they look awesome.

Wednesday, 29 April 2020


Here is the latest underwear loving guy to feature on the "Introducing..." section of my blog.
You will find him with the name - @cris_lane -  on twitter.

I have to say that he is a really sexy looking guy and he makes any underwear look great.
I`m sure you`ll all agree when you scroll through the album of pics in a small selection of his vast range.
I urge you to take a look at more of him on twitter (link at bottom of this post) and to definitely message him with your thoughts.
I also feel it my duty to tell you that Cris is single atm YES single so any serious guys looking for the perfect man then here he is (if that smile and sexy bum doesn't get you excited his bulge sure will) . 

So what do you think guys? does he do it for you!!
So many reasons to contact him like WOW that bum and stubble or no stubble and as for that smile so go check Cris out and say hi to him..
Follow him