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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Fun to wear Funderwear

Funderwear is a big part of the excitement of underwear collecting.
Fun stuff is a great addition to what I like to wear.
Yes I do like plain briefs and boxers BUT there is something really exciting about adding fun to what I wear.
Anyways if I like what I see I just have to buy them and these ones  came into my life lol.
A great collection of cotton blend boxers practical but FUN!!!

Liven up YOUR day and add son Funderwear to YOUR collection


I`m still adding to my ever increasing UNICO collection with these totally AMAZING boxers.
Sorry to be shouting out AMAZING but they really are.
All boxes ticked  with these for feel,fit and look.
As I always expect from UNICO they have a great pouch area which really hugs and holds everything upfront and great combinations of material which feel so good to touch which forces me to grab a feel throughout the day, well you have to cop a feel of your junk don`t you !!!
These are different from most of my UNICO`s in that they have picture pattern which I kind of like.
so to me this pair are AMAZING!!!!

They possibly aren't to everyone`s taste but I thing we should all own some Funderwear.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

The color continues briefly

...and the colors just keep on coming.
WOW aren't these just stunning!!!

 DOREANSE "Imprime" cotton briefs that were bought as a present to me.

My life full of color yours?

Colors of the rainbow

As you know I`m very BIG on color especially bright colors with my choices of underwear and these don`t disappoint.
These are Joe Snyder briefs made from polymide so another bonus for me as they feel great on and are semi translucence so not much will be hidden in these.

 I will definitely be wearing these rainbow briefs with PRIDE

Friday, 21 September 2018

Welcome to the world of Speedster

Your here because you would have stumbled across me from other underwear or gay themed sites or social media.
Maybe youve been here before and revisiting my world of underwear.
So let me give you an insight into me, I am just an average guy ( I know that sounds like a cliche) I am based in the UK and I am gay.
My age is not relevant to any of this so I don`t feel the need to say.
I am definitely not a fit gym toned guy I wish I was but im not disciplined enough to commit to the hard work involved in maintaining a toned torso. Having said that I am healthy and not obese just not muscled and six packed.
Ok now the more interesting fact.
I am completely hooked on men`s underwear, I have been since a young kid which seems to be the same trend of other underwear fanatics.
Q:How did I get into this interest/hobby/fetish??
A:From my very first patterned pair of briefs as a kid (I remember them very vividly)

I call it a hobby which it partly is but it is also a fetish because there is something very sexual about seeing a guy in his underwear more so than completely naked,to me that is.

Q:Do you own many pairs?
A:I did until recently when I decided to reduce the many many pairs.

I do still own many and still continue to buy them after all that is part of this fantastic hobby of mine.

Q: What is your favourite pair?
A: Oh i hate this question, I get asked this a lot.

I do have a few real favourites but I have to say in most cases of purchases I have bought them because I like the look of them.
It`s not only the look in many cases its about the feel of them too. I do like the feel of many synthetic materials as much as cotton.

Q: Do you meet other guys into underwear?
A: I have yes but unfortunately not all of the guys who say they are into it just want to meet for sex, so I don`t  accept offers of meets (not that i`m opposed to great sex) but not under this guise.

I think I stop here (i`ll add more later)  and let you visit my blog.

I am always interested in highlighting any of you on here in your underwear so please get in touch with me to arrange a posting or two of you on here OK?

Thanks for reading this and hope its given you some insight.


Some more of what I like.

These 2(x)ist just do it for me.

I love the feel of the fabric of these 2(X) IST`s and really love the way they cling to my body and tests my cock to the max.
Both the boxe rbriefs and briefs are amazing and i just love the colors of them

Monday, 17 September 2018

Theres no hidding in these !!

Ok so as some of you know I am a BIG fan of the brand Wang Jiang.
I`ve has these pairs/styles for a while now still love it when I slip them on.
They really are like a second skin and as you can see are very thin and almost transparent. 
The pink ones are new and `im a big fan of wearing men`s pink underwear- its very masculine and yes very sexy and quite erotic.
When I like a style I do buy a few pairs and have quite a few of these apart from the pink which are hard to find.
As you see my cock loves being wrapped in these ultra fine boxer should invest in some of these guys.