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Sunday, 27 May 2012

This is the new "Gaymens underwear" Blog

This is replacing the long running Blog

Catch it while its still live


Hey i`m back again and its the year of the Queens Jubilee and 2012 Olympics.

Im particularly looking forward to the Olympics with the tight shorts and lycra clad guys running with their packages bouncing around in 3D effect.
The swimmers adjusting their lycra stretched bulge is going to be on rewind and replay i recon LOL.

I will be wearing a selection of Red White & Blue underwear over the season in support of my country although you may just see some posts of other countries themed gear keep an eye out.

With that said here`s the start.

Jubilympics 2012

Im back again
Its the year of the Jubilee and olympics 2012 UK -Jubilympics

Im particularly looking forward to the olympics with all those men in their tight lycra and shorts.
I will be sporting my red white and blue underwear over the summer months in support of it.

Keep an eye out for updated posts of me in them.