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Friday, 11 November 2016

Not everything is black and white......but these are

I`m on a roll with all these new underwear purchases.
So many hot pairs coming in the post,I`m just loving the postman knocking on my door.
So.. these are another pair from Wang Jiang.
The fit and feel is fantastic but they come up small in sizes so im pleased I ordered them in a larger size than I wear.

        Low rise
 giving a BIG suprise

                               If your a briefs guy then you have to get a pair of these

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Glow in the dark

 The futures bright.
As promised another style from the brand with no name.

They keep on arriving.....

 Another pair I found on the net.
Im always excited when I find the less known branded underwear.
Never heard of them before but since buying these I have found more and more styles by this brand

I never get tired of this hobby
Finding buying and trying on...
I LOVE it.

New Arrivals

 Dont ask me what brand/make these are..I havent a clue
I can tell you they are amazing to wear
both in fit and in feel.
I love them and as an expert on underwear im not easily pleased.

 I came across them online and theyre from a small specialist underwear factory in China.

I have more from this brand to show soon.