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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Recommended Amateur underwear blog


Recommended: AMATEUR BLOG

Mattman`s underwear blog
Heres an new amateur blog thats definitely worth keeping an eye on.
Mattman`s definitely into his gear and I know your gonna love what you see.
I`m lucky that ive seen lots of pics of him in his gear for quite a while.
Add his blog to your favourites and DO comment on his postings.

I know this wont be the first posting i will make on Mattman.
see what comes soon.

meanwhile visit mattman and get horny over him.
Mattman keep it coming mate.

1 comment:

Will A said...

wow, some excellent photos of a HOT guy in sexy underwear. I have always loved showing off in my underwear to my brothers, their buddies, and my team mates. Even got a sweet modeling gig a few yrs ago (I'm now 22) while trying on underwear in a fancy specialty shop. Paid well, and was a blast. This dude totally ROCKS.