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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The futures bright

Putting some sun in my jeans.
Its Autumn here now in the uk  and the clocks have moved back making it less light with the shorter daylight hours so its time to bring a bit of sun into the darker days so i will be wearing these to brighten up my life.
These are N2N briefs which are like microfibre feeling soft to the touch and stretch with every bulge.
Just how I like them.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Bag a pair (or two)

Underwearset...For sale

I`m going to sell off loads and loads of my many pairs of gear to raise funds for future plans.
It`s an on going thing so keep an eye out for the start and continual additions.
As much as ive become attached to ALL my gear its something I must do so help me and you by buying some great underwear.
I`m NOT going to ask lots of money in factthey are going cheap, ive given a guide price.
Obviously you may not be living next door to me so postage will have to be paid and discussed.

Every pair will be in great condition and clean (?)  i`ve always looked after every pair i own.

Bag a pair (or two) be happy and put your kit where mine has been.

check them out here