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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Dying to show them off

Someone told me about doing this with t shirts and got me thinking about bringing some colour to some of the plain average underwear I have so here is my first attempt .
Tie dyeing some worn out washed out whities is a great way of extending and to liven up what may be left at the bottom of the undies drawer.
 I used to wear these Levis boxers all the time to the gym but it got to the stage they ended up looking grey when washed too many times so stopped wearing them but couldnt throw them away.

NOW i cant wait to strip down to these when doing a work out at my local gym.

Keep an eye out as im going to try and improve this  method and refresh some more worn out whites.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Friday, 12 September 2014

Thought of the day

I Wonder

PIC of the WEEK

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Just to the point

Just thought id share this pic with some background info as to the hard on inside these Olaf Benz.
Ive been chilling at home and logged onto a webcam site to watch guys doing what guys do best and one guy in particular caught my eye and as a result the briefs i was wearing at the time stretched a little.

...and heres another

Here is another pair of the same brand...I think im liking this make MOSKOVA.
Time to research the brand ... anyone know of them?

Its all gone black and white

As usual i`ve been busy buying new gear
and these are just one of the many new pairs.
These feel great..if i can try to explain the feel in a few words id say they feel like swimming  lycra very stretchy and hugging.They support everything that needs keeping in place.
The best thing is they were not expensive yet really top for quality.

I think im gonna have to keep these for very special occassions.....any suggestions?