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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Meet Steve


Meet Steve

Another amateur guy into his underwear.
This is"steve".
He wants to remain anonymous so no contact details. I know your all gonna want to let him know what you think of his bulge.
(my Favourite)

Steve has forbidden me to pass on his contact details but has given me a BRIEF insite into his interests
What I can tell you is ...he says "i love to show off " and in his own words he also comments "I`m always looking to make vids of me sucking off hung guys".
I`m not sure how your gonna help him out if you cant contact him but hopefully he can help you out in some way by looking at his bulge in his pictures???
Got to say the picture of him in those strippy CK`s do it for me big time.
Cheers for showing us Steve.

Post your comments on him here guys.
Right whos next to be previewed here?

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