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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Look whats happening down under


Site for sore eyes

Just look at whats happening down under..things that dreams are made of.

I wanna book the next flight to Oz 

Eye relief alert...have i found somewhere to fix your attention on!!!

It`s a Site for sore eyes

I interviewed Byronboy and like most of us recalls being into gear for as long as he can remember,since school days and thumbing through clothing catalogues flipping to the mens wear section.

He`s lucky enough to live on the coast of Australia (North of Sydney) so gets to see plenty of eye candy,as he jokes sometimes the eye candy is obscene LOL.What a lucky bugger he is.

If your in his area you should get in touch..byronboy says he will be hoping to put on some skin parties,

A definite hit . i must book a flight...

Byronboy`s favourite gear stems the whole spectrum but full body suits,sheer gear and G`s are top of his list of bulge expanding gear LOL.

Byronboy admits his an exhibitionist but then im not suprised as you will see from his blog,he has it so definitely must show it.

Like most of us he buys most his gear on line but is lucky enough that stores in his part of the world do stock "proper" mens gear.

His latest purchases include some N2N orange swimwear and 3 g strings which i hope will debut soon.

Byronboy would love to recieve gear to show of his AMAZING bulge in for your and his pleasure ( I may be sending something in the post to him myself).

Why not contact him to either comment on his blog/bulge or maybe chat or hook up or to send some hot gear to him.

Remember you can send him your pics for show on his blog...go on do it!!

the email is ....

Well enough from me ..go check out byron`s package and let your fingers explore your bulge.

I definitely recommend you bookmark byronboy`s site,I feel theres more and more HOT updates

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