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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Lifes a rainbow

Now here`s a thing, for a few years now i`ve been searching for some underwear that really and I mean really have been desperate to find and aquire.
They really got me excited BUT could NOT find them anywhere.
I managed to find a brand or name on them called "VERVE" but that didnt pull up any results on search engines.
To recent times I still found images of guys wearing these "Rainbow" colored underwear that looked like they are made from a knitted material.
I contacted some guys from around the world who were wearing them on Twitter but no replys.
Anyways I will stop going on and tell you I found long last. So I`m a happy boy.
They live up to my expectations and excitement.
Now life`s a rainbow for me under my jeans.
I managed to get four pairs  and here they are.

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