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Tuesday, 2 January 2018


Are you an underwear fan,collector or addict?
Share your amazing interest with others out there.
Here you can tell as little or as much about what interests you with underwear.
What content you wish to tell is up to you, as much or as little that`s fine.
Hopefully you will take part and show some of what you wear/have in your collection (up to max 10 pictures and 5 videos)

Images must be of you and underwear themed. 

When did you realise underwear was exciting?
How big is your collection?
What style suits you best ...(boxers,briefs,jocks,thongs,swimwear..or any other)?
What excites you best about underwear?
Favourite brands?
Favourite colour(s)?
If you could own anyone`s who would it be?
What was your last purchase?

Share any of the following if you like to...
Have your own blog then let others see it.
On any forum/underwear themed site.
Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr or others?
email address for others to contact you.

Finally anything you would like to add......

Just fill in any of the answers and attach any underwear pictures of you  and email to:
Hope to hear from you.

               I only publish what you want published.


Anonymous said...

Where do you publish the pics?

Anonymous said...

Hi, hru?

Question, if i send to you videos andphotos now, will u publish it?