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Saturday, 3 April 2021

The Eagle has landed

Another brand you way of heard about American Eagle  AE

It`s taken me a while to get some but my curiosity got the better and I bought three pairs.

Am I taken with them? kind of but I think the waistband being shown will out in public will be the seller of these.


These black and gold feel like your packaged in plastic which is different I guess.


Imagine what it would be like stripping down to these at the gym ..pure gold moment


These will bring out the wild animal  and again would really catch attention when getting down to these in the changing room


These are more giving and stretchy than the gold/black pair and the waistband is very striking on display.

I`ve kept my fave pair till last. Now these are the ones, maybe its the addition of some manly pink or the unusual pattern but I definitely think these are the best of the three

I may have to check out the brand  little more and purchase some additional pairs but there`s time yet.

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Whats on your ass?

When it comes to boxer trunks then I do like them to stand out. Ive always loved designs, patterns and color so when I came across the brand " On That Ass" I thought yeah they really do it for me.

They arent available on the high street and are a subscription only purchase.

You choose your size and  how regular you'd like to receive a new pair and they will do the rest.

Each month is a new design  which come in a sealed foil packaging and they even have a name for each design.


They are cotton materials so will last and the distinctive ON THAT ASS logo which above  jeans or trackies will really grab attention.

What better way to hold your junk than with some bold and stand out designed boxers.

They will take a few washes to soften them up as they are a bit stiff new out of the package. be bold and get On That Ass on your ass

There`s movie star to super hero to Halloween zombies and jungle scenes so far but this brand is growing.



Why not search them on the net and see if they are your kind of thing.

I like them but with so many brands and designs already in my collection i`m not sure I will continue with the subscription but if your starting out on the underwear journey then you might want to consider them.

ON THAT ASS.. on my ass..on your ass?

Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Slip mine on

 So we all love CK underwear don`t we?

If the answers yes then why not slip into my two pairs of limited edition briefs.

Up for sale are these two pairs - One in Blue and One in orange.

As you can see they fit really well and stretch when you have that urge.












 Worn a few times by Speedster but in excellent condition (I always look after my underwear)

If you want these awesome briefs then DM me on twitter @underwearstar with an offer that I can`t refuse and you``ll then be wearing these.

If your a fan of Little Speedster then how much more exciting will that make it   LOL

Monday, 15 February 2021

Unico week


So as many of you know i`m a sucker for Unico underwear and i`m always making an excuse to buy a new pair. Well no excuses I saw them and just had to have in my collection.

                                                       They fit perfectly and feel amazing

I`d recommend you have at least one pair of Unico briefs in your undies drawer but I know if you buy a pair you'll be hooked and want another so feel free to tell me if i`m wrong (I won`t be though)

 They've definitely made my week and I got a little excited about that.